Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Steps to Install Agent in MonkeyTalk

Monkey Talk:
Monkey Talk can be downloading from the below address:

Pre-requisite for installing Monkey Talk Agent:

For installing the Monkey Talk Android Agent, first we need to convert Android project into AspectJ.
For doing so, we need to configure AJDT in Eclipse.

For Eclipse setup and configuration with Android SDK, Cleck here.. 

Steps to configure AJDT in Eclipse:
Eclipse> Help> Install New Software > Click on Add
In ‘Add Repository’ popup:
 Name: AJDT
Click Ok. It will configure the AJDT with Eclipse.


 Installing the Monkey Talk Android Agent:

Open your Android Project in Eclipse and follow these instructions.

1. Convert your Android project to AspectJ

       2MonkeyTalk-agent.jar ‘monkeytalk-agent-1.0.8.beta4c’ can be found in the "agents" folder in the Monkey Talk package you downloaded earlier. The exact name of the jar might vary depending on the version, but it should always start with "Monkey Talk-agent".
 3. Create a "libs" folder in your Android project, if you don't already have one.
 4. Copy the .jar file (monkeytalk-agent-1.0.8.beta4c) into the libs folder.
 5. Right click on MonkeyTalk-agent.jar > AspectJ Tools > Add to Aspectpath.
6. Update your AndroidManifest.xml to include the following two permissions:
a)      android.permission.INTERNET
b)      android.permission.GET_TASKS
 7. Update the project properties (right-click on the project > Properties > Java Build Path), select the ‘Order and Export’ tab, and check the checkbox next to the AspectJ Runtime Library to export it:

 Note: In case if checking only ‘AspectJ Runtime Library’ does not work then check all the uncheck checkboxes.

MonkeyTalk Script Guidelines:
MonkeyTalk works on Record-Play concept, and for automation it requires simple Java Script knowledge. For the guidelines Click here

Script examples:
1. Simple Login script Click here
2. Data driven script Click here
3. Passing variable script Click here
4. Conditional statement script Click here


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